Lighting Installations

With the rising cost of electricity and the increased concern with global warming, it’s exciting to explore new solutions to reduce costs and reduce our overall carbon footprint. One such solution can be found with LED’s which offers considerable benefits over traditional lighting.

Switching to LED from traditional lighting technology, such as halogen or fluorescent, can provide up to 90% energy savings. However, LED’s can also provide other benefits, such as instantly controlling the lighting without deterioration in the fittings operating life.

lighting installation in commercial building

With years of experience working on electrical installations, we have become accustomed to proving a high-quality service to all our clients. Whether you need a single light fitting replacing or a full installation; we are able to retrofit and update your existing circuits to incorporate the latest LEDs.

Emergency Lighting

Depending on your building we can conduct an emergency lighting test to check their functionality and for any possible defects. We conduct all our Emergency and Escape lighting tests in accordance with the latest requirements of BS-5266 codes of practice.

By testing your emergency lights on a regular basis you’ll not only be saving lives but protecting your business from losing money. our emergency light tests include emergency light functionality checks. 1 or 3-hour full system tests, and defective and blown lamp replacement checks.