Electrical Services

Many electrical problems are often caused by internal wiring issues such as an overloaded fuse-board or an incorrectly installed wiring circuit. Fortunately, as Qualified Electricians we have years of experience providing electrical services and working on electrical systems and can identify faults quickly and efficiently; our time-served experience allows us to cater to the needs of almost any environment.

Electrical Services – Cat6 Data Wiring

electrical services Cat6e data cabling installed in a data cabinet
Cat6e Cabling

If you’re a commercial user that has a high demand, not just for fast Internet speeds but fast internal speeds Cat6e cables with high Gigabit networking are absolutely the way to go. Not only will it help better service your needs as they exist today, but you’ll essentially be taking the steps to future proof yourself against the ways in which your needs will change over the next few years, too.

Rewires – Residual Current Devices

18th edition domestic consumer unit with RCDs

Ensuring your installation is protected by a Residual Current Device/devices (RCDs) will provide a very high degree of protection against the risks of electrocution and also fire caused by earth faults. However, they are not a panacea for all installation problems; it is, therefore, important to understand what they can and cannot do.

Emergency Lights – Lighting Installations

With the rising cost of electricity prices and the increased concern with global warming, it’s exciting to explore new solutions to reduce costs and reduce our overall carbon footprint. LEDs are one such solution that offers considerable benefits over traditional lighting.

LED modular light panels in a suspended ceiling
LED Panels

Switching to LED from traditional lighting technology, such as halogen or fluorescent, can provide up to 90% energy savings. However, LED’s can also provide other benefits, such as instantly controlling the lighting without deterioration in the fittings operating life.

Depending on your building we can conduct an emergency lighting test to check their functionality, need for an upgrade, and also possible defects. Our emergency lighting test includes functionality checks, full system duration tests, and also defective and blown lamp replacement checks.

Electrical Testing & Condition Reports

As a business, it is important to ensure that your electrics are up to date according to industry standards. This isn’t just for high performance but also for the safety of your employees or tenants. So whether it’s a requirement from your insurance company? having your electrics checks is certainly a good tool for giving you peace of mind.

old and new three-phase distribution boards
Three-phase Work

Electrical circuits should be tested at least every 5 years for commercial and industrial premises. This can consist of either a 100% inspection every 5 years or broken down into rolling programs of 20% every year. However, premises governed by licensing laws such as Cinema and places of Entertainment may require testing on a yearly recurring basis.